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Deep Sea Monsters (1:1 Scale)

     Ask anyone, anyone at all, and you will be told that yes, there are many monstrous animals in the deep sea. From the famous 35 foot giant squid to the 12 foot wide Japanese spider crab and the 13 foot goblin shark, they are terrifying. Of course, not all are huge, such as the viperfish that could easily lay across your pinky finger.

     In this set I have made 3 life sized models of deep sea creatures. 
Giant Isopod (Bathynomous giganteus): 
       This crustacean may not look large. However, when you consider that is is related to small, land dwelling animals such as the wood louse, and that the Bathynomous giganteus as large as your average house cat, then wow. The reason that the giant isopod grows so big is through a natural and poorly understood phenomenon known as 'deep sea (or abyssal) gigantism'
The model of the Bathynomous that I have made is life sized, with a posable shell, antennae, legs, and tail. The coloring is very accurate, as are the details.

Anglerfish (order Lophiiformes):
     And now on to perhaps the most famous of the three: the anglerfish. Anglerfish live at almost any depth you care to name, with the deeper dwelling ones being famous for their bioluminescent (glowing) lures. They are also commonly known to have relatively large mouths, with long pointy teeth. however, few people realize just how small they are. Why, just a few days ago I read a (false) article that claimed the average 'angler' to be seven feet long! Actually, the larger deep sea ones usually do not exceed eight inches. 
     Anyway, about my model. I have built an about 7 inch long model, with posable lure, fins, and mouth. The coloring is very accurate (dark brown and black is a common anglerfish color scheme), as are the details. On the sides, there are two hinged openings: on shows the anglers spine, and the other shows the stomach, with a fish and a few bones. As I mentioned, the mouth opens, and there is a hole in the back by which fish pieces can be dropped into the stomach.

Deep Sea Lizardfish (Bathysaurux ferox):
     This is perhaps the most terrifying yet. Imagine a two foot long predator, with a large triangular mouth containing razor sharp yet flexible teeth that force its prey down its throat. Scary enough?
     The model I have made in this set is a life sized, flexible model of the lizardfish. Its lower jaw is posable, as are all its fins, and, well, pretty much its entire body. The coloring is very accurate, being white/ off white/ pink/ brown.

I believe that this would make a great set because who does not love the deep sea? They could be used as part of a display, for decoration... for pranks (insert villainous laugh). I built these for fun, but it would make a great set for the above reasons.

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