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Thresher 2.0

I Made Thresher in 2.0 Form because I Was Inspired by the The Hero Factory Movie "Rise of Rookies" so before i start with the Concept i wanna say this This is my Own Work and Original Idea this Photo was not Stolen from the Internet or Anybody that Has A Lego Cuusoo Account I Read allow the Rules and If i do not follow them then it will result in me getting Banned or Suspended from this Website : For the Box i would Put thresher 2.0"s picture on the box and i would have "thresher 2.0" under the picture and the background would be A Warehouse on Fire since all the 2.0 Sets in Hero Factory have A Pic of A Place of Fire and for the instruction Book i would put Thresher 2.0 in the same pose and the same pic and "thresher 2.0" under his picture and the instruction picture would show how to build him and on the back of the Box I would have a pic of him fighting a fire villian and if Thresher 2.0 was Made A Set I Would make his Price 10$ Since thats How Much A Small Hero factory set would cost If you look at this Lego Cuusoo I Hope you take this Project into Account and use my idea for a future Lego Set im not trying to Beg Im Just asking you so Please consider using This As a Future Lego Set i put all my hard work into it

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