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Suburban Family House


Hello! Thank you for taking the time to check out the Suburban Family House!

The Basics

This is a two-story family house based on an American suburban home. I didn't count, but I think that it has around 2,500 pieces. It is built on two 32x32 baseplates and includes four minifigures, a dog figure with husky printing, and a baby figure. It is exactly 21 cm tall. It also includes a sporty yellow car and has four bedrooms and two bathrooms. The layout is a bit strange, but it was all that I could fit inside the house and the amount of parts that I have.

First Floor

The Garage-

The garage has a combined washer/dryer inside, along with a bottle of detergent that is sitting on the floor. Other than that, there isn't much, except for two windows on the side to let in a little light. The garage door is brown and has a tan handle. There are windows near the top of the garage door, and the door fits the odd dimensions. This garage is seven studs wide, which is unusual, but it was all that I could fit in this house while still having a large enough great room. 

The Great Room-

The great room is like a living and family room combined. It is at the front of the house and features a small couch, a chair, a painting easel, some other painting supplies, the baby's crib, and a TV, which is mounted to the wall and showing some sort of science fiction movie. The daughter in this family is an artsy person, so she has an easel and a paint palette in the great room so she can paint. There is also a remote, which is white.

The Dining Room and Kitchen-

In this house, the baby has a high chair while the other four members of the family have red chairs to sit on while they eat at the big, dark tan table. On that table, there is a dish overflowing with apples. Next to the table is the staircase, and under the stairs are two 2x4 yellow tiles. They represent a doggy bed for the family's Siberian husky. Next to the doggy bed is a small rug and a 1x4 brick. The girl in this house is spoiled, so she has a slide to get downstairs faster, which is magenta.

Next to the bottom of the slide is the kitchen. In the kitchen, there is a stool, represented by a 2x2 yellow brick, so the parents can reach the cabinets on the top more easily. Nearby is the sink with a bottle of dishwashing soap next to it. Next to the soap, there is a counter, useful for cutting space. Underneath the counter is a set of drawers. The top one is for utensils, while the bottom one has a cutting board. There's another one on the other side, in which the top one has a knife and the bottom one has a coffee mug. The cabinets on the top have stuff inside, too. The one on the left contains a small cooking pot and the one on the right holds two coffee mugs and a mixing machine. There's a refrigerator with some unknown food items inside, but next to that is a microwave with a chocolate bar on top. I'm assuming that it was confiscated from one of the kids. Nearby is a stovetop with a large red pan on top. Inside that pan are vegetables and meat cooking. Under the stovetop is an oven.

Master Suite-

Through the blue door is a master bedroom that contains a bed that can comfortably fit two minifigures. Near the bed is a dresser with a laptop on top. The sliding doors lead out to the backyard. There's a white door, too, and that leads to the master bathroom. A mirror hangs over the sink, and next to the sink is a toilet with a container of soap on top. A glass shower lines the back wall, and there is a bottle of shampoo and a bar of soap inside.


In the backyard there is a pathway leading from the sliding doors from the master bathroom to the pool. Two lawn chairs surround the grill. Another lawn chair sits in between the house and the pool. There is quite a bit of greenery around the backyard, but not much space for the kids to run around. That's very common where I live, though.

Second Floor


The landing refers to the area right at the top of the stairs, and there's not much to see. Only a table with a vase of flowers on it adorns this area.

Girl's Room-

The girl's room has a light blue door with an eagle sticker on it from an older set. Inside, she owns a neon, translucent drumset, and the light blue translucent drumsticks are in the corner on a rack. Her closet features two sets of clothes. On the bed lies a notebook. Her bed is pink, and there's a castle-style door leading to the slide. Some stickers are posted on the wall.

Boy's Room-

The boy's room has a few classic Space bricks embedded in his wall, one of which simply shows the Classic Space logo, and the other of which reads LL 924. There are some sets of clothes in the corner by the bed, which is shaped like a racecar. A toy fighter jet sits on the bed, and a desk sits underneath the LL 924 brick. It has a laptop on top. In the corner is a container full of toy weapons.

Guest Room-

The guest room is very small, but it was all that I could fit. A bed sits on one side of the room, and a stickered brick sits on the other side as decoration. A souvenir from a trip is hanging on the wall by the door to the room-a crossbow.


The bathroom has a simple sink in the corner and a toilet in the other corner. Walk down a narrow hallway and you'll find a bathtub. There is only one window next to the tub, but rest assured that there are simulated lights in every room of the house.


I don't think I need to explain the roof, but the reason that part of the roof is flat is because I ran out of parts. There is a lantern hanging from the roof of the house down to the path leading up to the house for some light for nighttime visitors. Two bushes stand on the left and right of the front door.

On the sides of the house there are some enormous clear panel pieces. Those are there to provide light to the house. For the one by the girl's room, there are yellow plates on the top to tint the light like a stained glass window. The one by the landing has a blue window and some orange plates on the top to achieve the same effect. A white picket fence gates off the side yards and the backyard to strangers.

Once again, thank you for taking the time to check out the Suburban Family House!

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