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Polynesian Voyager Canoes

My passion for sailing, Polynesian culture, and my 2yr old sons love of watching "We Know The Way“.
I believe this would be a great LEGO set as:
  1. There aren’t many Polynesian themed sets within the LEGO catalog
  2. It would be a fun set to build, play and/or display
  3. It would be educational around the Polynesian culture.

Based on the movie Moana and the song "We Know The Way“, these three Polynesian Voyager Canoes were used to navigate long voyages across thousands of kilometers of the open Pacific Ocean. Polynesians made contact with nearly every island within the vast Polynesian Triangle, using outrigger canoes or double-hulled canoes.

The three voyager canoes consist of 2976 parts and showcase three different versions of Polynesian Voyager Canoes from the movie Moana and my own research.

Voyager Canoe #1 (226 parts) - Outrigger
The smallest of the three canoes, this outrigger canoe is based on the boat that Moana uses throughout the movie. The sail is retractable and there are two storage compartments for supplies and chickens (i.e. Heihei). 

Voyager Canoe #2 (1218 parts) – Double-hulled Dual Sail
This double-hulled voyager canoe is based on Hōkūleʻa, a real-life Polynesian Voyager Canoe that made voyages throughout the pacific islands as part of the Polynesian Voyager Society. Some specifics of the design include:
Hollowed out double hulls for sleeping and supplies
Twin masts with retractable dual sails
Decorative Polynesian artwork at the front of the boat

Voyager Canoe #3 (1532 parts) – Double-hulled Single Sail
The largest of the three Voyager Canoes, this design is based on the canoes seen during the song “We Know The Way” in Moana. Some specifics of the design include:
A single sail that can swing in/out
A central storage and sleeping shelter
Polynesian drum and decorative artwork

Minifigures – These 10 minifigures are representative of a Polynesian community or family that would sail between Pacific Islands. The strong family bonds and community focus within the Polynesian community is represented by the wide cross-section of minifigure ages I have tried to capture.

Thank you in advance for your support, comments and/or feedback. This was truly an enjoyable design to create and I hope you like it!

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