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A-158 Starfighter


The A-158 Starfighter is a sleek, fast spaceship. I think it would make both a great display model and play set. This ship is not based on any movie or show but is rather my own design. The following is the list of current features of the set:

  • orange, white, and black color scheme
  • sleek design
  • many curved and sloped elements
  • made from 158 elements
  • 6 total cannons
  • a powerful engine
  • landing gear

The cockpit can be taken off to expose the interior detail, however it is not meant to hold a minifigure as it is too small. I built this digitally using It is a small set and I think it should be sold in the $20-$30 range. In the future, I may also add a display stand.

I am open to changes or improvements you may have.

Thank you for reading and supporting!

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