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Brickheadz: Jareth the Goblin King and Baby Toby From Labyrinth

2021 will mark the 35th anniversary of Jim Henson’s Labyrinth. David Bowie’s performance as Jareth the Goblin King helped to make this film a memorable treasure.
He was taken from us too soon.
I chose Jareth’s outfit from the scene where he sings “dance the magic dance“.

He comes with his riding crop, his crystal ball to watch over Sarah and of course baby Toby, who due to an unfortunate wish from Sarah, was whisked away to the goblin city where he could remain with Jareth forever unless she solves his maze in time.

Designing his hair and incredibly ruffled shirt were both an enjoyable challenge.
I also thought making his heart a crystal ball would be a unique hidden piece as well.

I noticed later in better light that the cheese wedge pieces I used for the hair tips were a bit of a different shade (I’m slightly colorblind) but kept them as sort of a highlight.

I hope you’ll help me gain the 10,000 supporters needed so LEGO can bring this to stores and  make it part of the celebration.

Thanks and happy bricking!