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Winter Village Police Station

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Hello Winter Village and Police fans!

I’m a huge fan of the Winter Village theme but I miss a few essential buildings that belong into a city in my opinion:
• Winter Irish Music Restaurant (my 1st Ideas project)
• Winter Village Police Station (my 2nd Ideas project)
• Winter Village Townhall (upcoming project)
• and maybe some more on my list 😉

Therefore I would like to present the Winter Village Police Station to you!

The Police Station Ideas project offers:
  • Basement with escape tunnel and functional safe
  • 1st floor with reception, evidence chamber and arrest cell including 2 escape possibilities
  • 2nd floor with detectives desks, coffee & cookies area and interrogation room
  • roof with communication equipment and broken bag with presents
  • a new hexagonal Christmas tree build
  • 6 minifigs and a dog
  • modular floors with open back side
  • an authentic architecture
  • building and play fun!

I have written a small Christmas story and created the corresponding set scenes (see pictures) to show you the different parts of the set. I hope you enjoy it!

- The Story -

It was Christmas eve and Santa was flying very fast and low over the city to deliver all the presents on time. When flying over the Police Station the high antenna on the roof unfortunately ripped off his big bag and some presents fell out. 
A Police officer was carrying out speed control when she was hit by a falling present. She looked up in the night sky and the speed control pistol just showed the maximum value "9999" when pointing on Santa's sleigh due to the incredible speed, far faster then measurable.

After Santa turned around and landed to collect the lost presents he was surprised by her and got arrested. While being arrested he tried to explain the whole situation and that he hasn’t any time but wasn't believed and so the list of accused crimes became longer and longer:
• throwing objects at a Police officer
• flying an unregistered UFO (aka sleigh)
• missing illumination on UFO (just one red light at the front: Rudolph's nose)
• speed limit exceedence
• resistance to arrest
• having no ID card
• improper handling of reindeers: flying
• breaking into houses (confessed by Santa)
• theft of milk & cookies (confessed by Santa)

Santa was brought into the arrest cell where he met his prison mate that was hoping to escape soon and offered Santa to come with him. But Santa denied of course as the real good guy.

The lost presents were brought into the evidence chamber behind the reception and stored there.

Santa was taken upstairs to the 2nd floor where the detectives were sitting at their desks or having a coffee break. 

Then in the interrogation room a mug shot was made from Santa and they questioned him a lot. But the detectives didn't believe the whole story that he's is THE Santa Clause, living at the North Pole, delivering presents, as they were adults.

But then Santa started to tell them their wishes from the past, the current and some future ones. And the small things they did wrong in the past which nobody could know beside themselves. Then they started finally to believe - again (like they did as children).

Totally convinced they helped Santa to get all the presents back onto to his sleigh and wished him all the best and a successful night. They will never forget this special night where they met real Santa … and are now especially excited what will be under their Christmas trees at home.

- The End -

P.S. Please write me in the comments what Santa‘s prison mate did. Did he stay or did he escape and how?

Tradionally every winter village set comes with a snowy tree. After creating the octagonal shape for the Winter Irish Music Restaurant I wanted to build a smaller version and decided to go for a hexagonal shape using hinges and brackets as base to add the wedge plates vertically. Therefore the shape and overall look is much more realistic.

And of course there are bunch of minifigs included: 2 Police officers, 2 Police detectives, a prison mate, Santa and the Police dog.

The architectural elements I chose are a mix of different real Police stations. Especially the old New York Police Headquarter and the L.A. Police Museum inspired me to build my version of a Police station.
To make everything as realistic as possible a lot of SNOT (Studs Not On Top) building technics are included in this model and will offer you a great building experience.

Like all Winter Village houses the back side is open to have a direct view on what is going on inside.

The Police Station consists of 2052 bricks (including tree and minifigs) and all are available in the used color for a direct build.

I hope you like it!

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Thank you so much for your support!

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