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Mouse Guard - Winter 1152


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Mouse Guard is a American comic book series written and illustrated by David Petersen and the figures by Guy Himber.

The stories of the series are set in a medieval world where mice have build their own civilization. They live in villages and small towns doing business together, always threatened by larger animals or by each other. For this reason Lockhaven, the mices biggest town, founded the Mouse Guard to protect themselves and also the mice that have to travel into the dangerous world outside their settlements.

The first story follows the three guards Lieam, Saxon and Kenzie on their journey.

In the long, cold winter of the year 1152 in the Mousetown Lockhaven food is beginning to become a scarce resource which is fatal for its inhabitants.

Therefore Lady Gwendolyn, the superior of Lockhaven, is sending the Mouse Guards Saxon, Kenzie, Lieam, Sadie and Celanawe on a long and dangerous journey to the remote colonies, where they should obtain food and medicine to ensure survival of Lockhaven´s endangered inhabitants.

Not only harsh weather conditions threaten the brave and curageous Guards on their travel but also hungry and dangerous predators, from which they are hunted again and again.

It seems almost impossible to experience the next spring...

The first time I held the Mouse Guard Comic in my hands, I knew that I must create a MOC from this wonderful story.

In the second comic book „Winter 1152“ there is a key scene that I called for this MOC: „Triumph, downfall and recurrence of a myth“.

I have build the scene of the arrival with the hares in Lockhaven after Celanawe has fought against the one-eyed owl.

The entire build consists of approximately 2,925 pieces, including the hare, mouses and the accessories.

Take a look at these six mouse characters: Kenzie, Saxon, Lieam, Sadie, Celanawe, Lady Gwendolyn

These characters will be fit better with a personalised head.

I think that Mouse Guard is a perfect theme for everyone.  

I hope you like my project and support my work. 

Any feedback is appreciated.

Thanks for viewing! :)


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