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Dark Sith Cyborg

"Jedi! I have been waiting for you!"

A possible promotional figure or an addition to a future set. This Dark Sith Cyborg is represented by both original LEGO parts as well as custom parts using rapid prototyping. The chest and waist are joined using a pin mechanism to allow for rotation at this joint. The legs use a standard clip mechanism. The figure stands slightly taller than a regular LEGO minifigure which is a representation of the characters physical attibutes.

While the character nor the concept are original, this figure contains elements of IP that allow for a excellent represenation of a figure that most ceratinly will require new part creation. For ease of future reproduction or manipulation all original parts have been modeled in STL. format.

A completed representation of the figure with head, torso and arm decals.

Photo courtesy of: Xero_Fett
Decals created by: The Fine Clonier

Figure represented by Official LEGO decaled head and arms

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