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John: The Grand Tour Mongolia Special


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John is the name of the car that The Grand Tour hosts: Richard Hammond, James May and Jeremy Clarkson (kinda) had to build in the middle of the Mongolian countryside with no civilization around for hundreds of miles. The car parts were dropped from a helicopter and the group put the car together and drove all the way to their destination. I have decided to recreate their amazing build in LEGO to let fans of the show be able to build the car just like they did in the show. It was built like a LEGO set in the show and it can be built as a LEGO set inside every fan's home.
The set features:
  • Three Minifigures of James, Richard and Jeremy
  • Functional steering (with the steering wheel in the middle, just like the show)
  • Opening doors
  • Storage for items such as drills, car jacks and English Army rations for food
  • Sleeping bags, axes and water jugs hanging off the side
  • A replica of the engine
  • A camera to film the hosts

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