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Heavy Aerial Assault Gunship


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This project is a Heavy Aerial Assault Gunship that I've invented with Lego bricks then rebuilt thanks to LDD.

Its dimensions are more or less 25 cm long, 12 cm height and 15 cm large.

It is made of four parts :

  1. The pilot place : a pilot can be placed here. This place includes two short range guns and two medium range guns.
  2. The main bridge : characters can be placed here for be transported, to which are some guns ( two quadrupled guns and one medium range gun with palce for gunner ) and two rockets launchers.
  3. The secondary bridge : others characters can be placed. There is one medium range gun too with place for gunner.
  4. The turret ( which turns ) : one heavy gun with place for gunner. The heavy gun is ascended on a turret.

The construction is made of 409 bricks.

Thanks for your reading !

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