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Arctic Mountain Explorer


Load up your expedition gear and the wonders of the Arctic await your exploration! Or, build one of these to add to your LEGO community ski resort for grooming the trails. This model, based on a real life version called a Trailbully, is used to groom the trails at ski resorts as well as used as an all terrain Arctic exploration or rescue vehicle.

The cabin is fully enclosed to keep your mini-figure warm and safe from the cold outside.

The plow pivots up and down and snaps into place in the up position for when you're not working on the slopes.

The tracks are double wide for traversing any snowy environment you may encounter.

The flatbed is ready to transport whatever gear your job requires.

Although not shown, this model is built for the mini figure explorer in your LEGO community. 

I built this model because I have always been a fan of this specialized piece of equipment and wanted to build something with tracks. This was a great solution to satisfy both objectives as well as a good candidate for a set to generate with 3D cad software.

This LEGO set would make a great addition to any collection as it is quite rare, unless of course you are an avid skier at which point this set would feel right at home in your LEGO community.


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