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Toy Train in a Tin


On November 18th, 2016​, I posted this model on the ​Lego Digital Designer Gallery as my ​450th creation​. I have been contemplating weather or not I should make this a ​Lego Ideas project​ for a while. Today is the day I finally post it!

This Toy Train in a Tin ​was inspired by an actual product that was sold at Hallmark at one time. The features are not accurate to the actual toy, but this is my own spin off it. Here are some more details about the project:

  • It is 193 pieces.
  • Includes eight pieces of 45 degree ​tracks to make a complete circle.
  • There are four cars altogether: a ​Red ​"American" ​type Locomotive, a ​Green Tender, a Blue Boxcar, and a ​Red Caboose.

​Thank you for viewing my project, folks! If you see something that needs improvement, just let me know. ​Have a good day! ​(By cheesy. 3/5/2017)

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