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Robo Bulk Mech

It is a posable big figure of a robot, brick built with mostly common bricks. I built it because I had the idea of making a mech, and I find making things like this enjoyable. It is great to play with as it has limitless poses and is aesthetically pleasing, this design is also well-built and rarely breaks on impact conceded in play.

It includes features like the blue eyes and energy tanks on the back. I also visualised it as a display item along with a series of other mechs like it, or it could be included in a scene for play. The main colours are black and grey and any other colour could be added on, I just chose my favourites. It stands at 19 cm tall and 12 cm wide and is posable in the arms, legs, fingers and head. Could be included with a plain black stand, as alone it is unstable.

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