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Death Machine

An imposing, futuristic, human- or droid-piloted, heavily armed and armoured, machine of war.

Model dimensions (approx.): 14.5” L x 14.5” W x 8.5” H. The model has a retractable entry/exit hatch, and a removable ceiling that reveals the human and droid crew inside.

Technical Specifications:
Locomotion: anti-gravity inductors (top speed: 100 mph)
Defense: forcefield, megatanium-armoured hull
Sensors: nerve web (range: 6 miles); 360˚ view screen
Weaponry: 2 blaster cannons (max. range 9,000’); 6 black ray exterminator cannons (max.
range 900’; instant death to living targets not protected by a forcefield); 16 batteries of 4
fusion rifles each (max. range of 9,000’); 4 plasma guns (max. range 600’); 8 laser batteries
of 5 guns each (max. range 9,000’); 6 micro-missile tubes with 100 missiles each; 1
mini-missile launcher with 50 missiles; energy damping field (all electrical systems within a
150’ radius, not protected by a forcefield, are disabled)
Power-plant: nuclear fusion reactor core

The death machine's energy dampening field makes it virtually invulnerable to all enemy machines/robots governed by electrical systems (unless they are protected by a forcefield). The machine is infamous for its high-speed, stealth, and ability to attack multiple heavy targets by deploying a multitude of lasers and ordinances. Indeed, when one of these aptly-named weapons platforms comes humming over the horizon, it’s time to run and hide and pray that it passes you by!

The machine's only downfall is that they are extremely rare and if you are lucky enough to obtain one it is unlikely to be in pristine working condition and fully weaponized (i.e., guns/cannons may be inoperable, missiles depleted, etc.).

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Detaching the model's removable ceiling reveals the human and droid crew inside.

Another view of the crew. Notice the blue 270+ degree main viewing screen, computer consoles, nuclear power generators, etc.

Here is a view of the model's retractable entry/exit hatch with stairs leading downwards within... From the outside, the hatch appears seamlessly integrated with the megatanium-armoured hull and is virtually undetectable to intruders.

Another view of this menacing machine. Notice the 4 anti-gravity inductor pods, which propel the machine to a top speed of 100 mph. The model is shown here with a stand made of black LEGO bricks but ideally the stand should be made of clear LEGO bricks (such that it appears to be hovering in mid air).

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