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The Royal Coach

Thanks for coming to my product idea!

Welcome to 'The Royal Coach'!

Build your own elegant and luxurious 'The Royal Coach' wich is really great for a standalone display.

This project started with my wish to display a royal coach I saw in the museum to my own LEGO room.

So I focused on making a really gorgeous and beautiful 'The Royal Coach' design at a glance.

And as a result, I have created this 'The Royal Coach' including a base.

Exterior of 'The Royal Coach'

- 4-wheel drive 'The Royal Coach' with 3 horses

- A base with nameplate, which is great for standalone display.

Interior of 'The Royal Coach'

- One coachman's seat

- Four royal seats


- Contains 740 pieces

- 'The Royal Coach' with three horses connected

- A base with nameplate

- Minifigure: Queen, Coachman

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