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Symbols LEGOfied!

Essential to the design of the Alethiometer are the symbols. But these needed to be Legofied! It is after all a LEGO Alethiometer, and naturally all the symbols of the original should be represented in its corresponding Lego counterpart!
I designed each symbol referencing existing Lego parts. Like for instance the symbol for angel being a minifig angel, and the globe being comprised of different parts- a globe lego build! This also goes for the candle.

An important element to get right in the build, and a fun project within the project!


Added functionality

Like the original prop from the TV series, this model also lets you point the hands to the different symbols using the wheels on the sides. Just open up the device and formulate your question through the images, hold it in the palm of your hand and see the main hand move as the object is tilted.

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