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Elephant Orphanage


This set is inspired by the David Sheldrick elephant orphanage in Nairobi, where I live. The elephant orphanage takes care of orphaned baby elephants, and releases them back into the wild once they are old enough, making sure they are integrated in a herd of wild elephants. The first three years, the keepers take over the mother's role, feeding the baby elephants every three hours and even sleeping with them. One hour a day, visitors can come and see the baby elephants and learn about them.

  • The set features three different keeper mini figures.
  • It contains one clean and one dirty baby elephant.
  • Gear includes a wheel barrow, three feeding bottles, one microphone and one branch.
  • The trunk and ears of the baby elephants can be moved into different positions.
  • The set features two stables with room for one elephant and the keeper's bed.
  • The roofs of the stables can be taken off. 
  • The elephant playground contains a pond, a water bucket and different trees and bushes.


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