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Vending Machine

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I have been working in the Lego Digital Designer to make this wending machine. And try to make it work like, how a real wending machine will work (manually - so you don't need NXT or motors)

I haven't think of which pruducts to put in the machine right now, so i leave it empty - maybe you have an idea?

Here'sA look inside of the machine. I used the same spiral effect here so the pruducts will slighty will move. The bump in the end, is to make sure only 1 pruduct will fall down.

When the pruducts falls down, just open the door to get it.

On the other side there is the wheels that separately makes the spiral goes around (manually)

I made a like a slide to the money bills, so the will end in the corner of the machine. There is also one to the coins, but that wil just fall into the bottom (as like it would be change)

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