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Ninja Warrior II


Ninja Warrior II

After my first Ninja project I decided to make a new obstacle. This project is the extension to my first Ninja project. You can easy connect this both project because I have use Lego technic parts. So you can expand your Ninja Warrior obstacle course. My new project included one female minifigure and 2 obsatcles.

Some time ago I see this new german TV show and I was very impressed by this show. Now I hope you are a little impressed by my Lego Ninja Warrior project.


This is my first Ninja warrior project. This both projects together and you have a bigger playable set.

I know some of you wait for the obstacle with the final red buttom. It will come soon.


If you like my idea please share it with your friends and maybe you have a look to my other projects! Thank you to everyone for the support, your comment and your suggestions. AWI


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