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Lego Violin


Lego Violin

The size is 63cm x 21.8cm in length and is similar to the actual 4/4 size violin(60cm x 21cm).

Total number of parts is 1,353.

 -Wedge plates were used to represent the unique curves of the violin.
 -The side wall(rib) was designed with the 'brick with knobs' in the way stud was seen.

[Peg box and Scroll]
-Wedge plates and round plates were used to express peg box and scroll.
-For Peg, # 75904 Hammer was used.

[Finger board]
-Hinge plates were used to express the angle of the finger board

-Outer cables were used for strings. 256 mm and 96 mm outer cables are connected and they are naturally connected on the LDD
-In practice, 352 mm outer cables must be produced, or 256 mm and 96 mm outer cables must be connected to the connector peg(technic pin).

-The bow was designed using # 75535 part and tile

In addition, Chin rest, Bridge, tailpieace, tail gut, and end pin are also represented.

[The story of this creation]

It is not an update, but just the story of this lego violin.

In 1993, when I was 13 years old, I made a Lego cello. 
At that time, I just outlined what I saw and created it.
I had to make the lego cello with black brick which was the most of the bricks I had.
The string was represented using the '# 3228 straight rail' included in the 6542
set(Launch & Load Seaport).

It looks very grim now, but it is a very meaningful work for me.
Twenty-five years later, with LDD, I was able to create a stringed instrument again, using a variety of new bricks to create a more natural curve.

I think this creation will be a very meaningful creation for Lego fans who love music.
Thank you for your interest and supports.

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