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Mars Base

I designed a Mars base featuring a small rover, a rocket and four astronauts. The base has four rooms:
  • The lab: This is where they research the planet's history. They examine rocks and soil and find out if life ever existed on Mars.
  • The greenhouse: Here, they have successfully grown crops in the sandy Martian soil.
  • The living room: This room includes a kitchen, a bathroom and a bedroom. There are only two beds in the bedroom because two astronauts are always on the watch to ensure the base's safety.
  • The chill room: Here, astronauts can relax, watch TV, dine together or use the treadmill.
The airlock provides spacesuits for each astronaut for outdoor excursions or repairs. the base is equipped with an oxygen generator to supply breathable air to the astronauts, and a water generator that extracts water from the Martian soil. The small rover has a trailer to transport stones and soil to the lab. The astronauts can use the rocket to travel to the main spaceship, that rocket can take off and land back on Mars.
I designed this set because of my interest in the planets and space. A future Mars base in Lego combines my two great interests. I also believe in the possibility of human colonization on another planet.
I believe that this would be a great Lego set for everyone who likes space and believes that living on another planet is possible.

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