Product Idea |

Duck Hunt

What is it?

The Duck Hunt LEGO build I created is a LEGO model of the retro game itself. The reason I built this is because I think it is really cool when LEGO comes out with LEGO sets based on cool retro games from the 80's. For example, I think the Sonic the hedgehog set was a really cool build.

Why people want it?

Adults who used to play Duck Hunt and kids that play the game now will see this LEGO build and want it, especially adults because this game was culture for them when they were kids. People will love this LEGO build because it's a blast from the past and people love Duck Hunt. It would be fun to build and make a great gift. Even if people that don't build LEGO's see it, they will think it's awesome and most likely get it.

I believe this will make a great LEGO set and people will love it because people love Duck Hunt, and to have a classic retro Duck Hunt LEGO set would make people happy and be awesome. This LEGO Duck Hunt set is perfect for the job.

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