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The Beachfront Castle

This is The Beachfront Castle.  Made of different bricks from my children's Lego bin.  Everything was mixed up and apart, old and new Lego.  What are you doing then?  Then you make a castle!  This is also the reason that old and new gray are incorporated together.  At such times you use what you have available.  Because it is a castle on the beach it doesn't bother me and the walls just seem a bit affected by the inclement weather.  I think it is a beautiful Lego set.  It is a small castle where a lone knight lives who occasionally gets his supplies from a local fisherman.  To my knowledge, Lego has never released a beach castle, hence this idea. I love the castle and pirate theme from the 90’s and it has bin to long... Enjoy the MOC, keep building and never give up! 

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