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Somewhere Beneath the Sea


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Have you ever wanted to live under water, well now you can with the underwater modular housing. Walk the ocean floor, watch the life of the sea from the comforts of your own home with this modular's giant windows. This set consists of a father named Ryan, mother Sarah and daughter named Elizabeth. The front is a hinged latch that leads into a depressurization chamber where the sea water is flushed out. Then there is two giant steel doors that open to your home. There are sharks and other sea life swimming about.  I built this on LEGO Digital Designer and there's no underwater backgrounds on it so I just used the plain background of the builder 

This modular housing is equipped for all your living needs such as a kitchen, dinning room and bed room. 

I built this set because I thought it would be cool to create a underwater house which I haven't seen any LEGO sets off so I decided to give it a go at creating my own. I believe this will make a great set because  it reintroduces the under water adventure theme that is no longer taped anymore like Aqua Team or Atlantis and loving those themes I was inspired to make this as well as just thinking of how cool would it be to live at the bottom of the sea.  

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