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Among Us: Desert Island Disaster

Among Us: a twist on the classic murder-mystery game that has taken the world by storm! There's just one problem: it's limited to what's on your device, and what the developers choose to release. Updates can take a while to arrive, and sometimes you just want to play the game in a way that the app won't allow. With Among Us: Desert Island Disaster, you can make your own rules! Sure, it already has it's own desert-island map, and its own rules to play, but there's no-ones to stop you remodelling it and playing it either alone or with friends in the way you want to.

The set plays like real Among Us, and has all the essential features... and a few more! Here's how it works:
  • A section of the Skeld spaceship has crashed into an archipelago of desert islands! The crewmates must gather together the pieces for an escape shuttle, and blast off to seek help before the impostors pick them off one-by-one!
  • To randomly and anonymously decide who is an impostor and who is a crewmate, get some red and green tiles, turn them face down, mix them up and hand one to each player. If you get a red tile, you are an impostor and if you get green, you are a crewmate
  • The crewmates' figures travel around the map, landing on every other row of studs (although you can change the player speed at the beginning of the game to make that gap bigger or smaller) and travel to different areas of the board to complete different tasks- connect the wires, empty the waste, de-block the fan, demolish the rock structure, collect the tools, de-weed the path, help the animals and cook yourself a meal. These tasks are of varying lengths (the meal one, for example, requires you to find the ingredients, prepare them, cook them, eat them, and get rid of the food waste afterwards) and after you complete a task, you collect part of the rescue shuttle and take it to an area with red scaffolding to begin assembling the model itself. After you put the piece in its proper place, your figure can paraglide to the control room, which serves as a base of operations, because players begin in the control room, and visit there whenever they want to share a vital piece of information with other players using the intercom system, or even call a vote on who they think the impostor(s) are.
  • The impostors will be masquerading as crewmates, so that when they think no-one is looking, an impostor can throw a crewmate to the sharks, and pretend that someone else did it. They can vent from one side of the spaceship to the other using a cleverly-implemented conveyor-belt system, and activate trapdoors to make the crewmates fall to their doom... and, of course, they can lock doors.
  • In this desert-island map, crewmates can spy on an impostor who they think may be venting by looking through a secret window around the back of the ship to look inside the vent, and find out just who the impostor is; however, impostors have six different ways to get to the viewing spot, while crewmates only have three- so be careful in making a getaway!
  • Like in the original game, players have a limited scope of vision, achieved by all players looking through their own Lego telescope (included), except when they are at the observation platform on top of the control room, where they can temporarily ditch the telescope as they can see all the board from up there. You can adjust player vision at the beginning of each game by adding or taking away rings from the telescope to make it easier of more difficult to see just who might be sneaking up on you...
  • The game is suitable for 4-6 players, but can work with less so long as the impostor announces who they are at the beginning of each game, and you remove the intercom/emergency meeting element. Speed-runs also work in this map (with many optimisation opportunities), as well as hide-and-seek. For an extra seventh player (although you can also use it with less than seven) you can introduce the grey stone warrior figure to the game as an alternative identity to being a crewmate or impostor. The stone warrior is on the crewmates' side, but cannot communicate with them, call meetings or complete tasks. Owing to their un-killable nature, they can, however, stand the impostors' way, and make them take 'the long way round', so to speak

Among Us is a fantastic game to play with family and friends, and this set is no exception. It replicates- and improves on- the Among Us formula, and does so in only 2200 pieces! In Among Us: Desert Island Disaster, the only limit your imagination.

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