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Modular Japanese Ramen Hotel

This is a modular build inspired by the Ginzan Onsen in Japan, one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. It has two sides, with a small river separating them. On one side is the ramen hotel, where there is a ramen shop on the first floor, and a large Japanese-style hostel on the second floor, which even comes with a little personal onsen and a balcony to enjoy a nice cup of tea in the fantastic weather! To enjoy the view even better, hop onto the roof where you can take a look at the entire view. Or, take a stroll along the river, admire the views with the sakura tree, and on the other side you find a small Japanese wagon, selling all kinds of veggies and seafood after a fisherman has gotten them fresh off the coast.

Each floor of the ramen hotel is filled with great details and can be removed individually, like other Lego modular builds, while the back wall can be opened in a sliding motion, allowing you to open it up like a dollhouse and look into all the great details and play features in the hotel, putting all 5 custom Minifigures into different spots. It would be a great addition to those collecting modular builds, and freshen things up with the addition of a new river! It would also be a great standalone display, definitely, a great LEGO set for adults and children. The build also uses various building techniques with small little details, giving the players a challenging yet enjoyable time.

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