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Oosterscheldekering (The Delta Works)


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About me:
Hello my name is Joost and I am a Engineer in the Netherlands. During my work I was involved in a project at the Oosterscheldekering. Because Lego is a hobby of mine, I got the idea to make a model of the Oosterscheldekering. My colleague (also an AFOL) was enthusiastic about this and recommended that I place the model on Lego Ideas.

History and facts:
After the flood disaster in 1953 there was a need to better protect the Netherlands against high water. This led to the plan to close off some tidal inlets, the Delta Plan. The Oosterscheldekering is the largest part of the Delta Works. The 9 km long storm surge barrier closes the Oosterschelde in the Netherlands in the event of impending high water. It was built between 1976 and 1986.

Some facts:
-         Length 9 km, of which 3 km can be closed
-         65 pillars
-         62 gates of approximately 42 m long and 6 to 12 m high
-         The gates weigh between 260 and 480 tons
-         Closing the barrier takes 75 minutes

About the model:
The model shows three pillars and the rubble dam. There are two and a half gates between the pillars. Below the road surface is the access shaft with the technical installations (red and green) required for the cylinders that move the gates. And in the abutment there is a drawer containing the letters O, S, K. A Dutch abbreviation for Oosterscheldekering.

Number of parts: 1682
Length: 80,1 cm
Width: 12,8 cm
Height: 10,6 cm

Why we do need a OSK Lego set:
The Delta works are something to be proud of in the Netherlands. It is a great achievement of technology and it shows how we can deal with the threat of high water. People from all over the world come to see the Delta works. In a possible next project there could also be a set of the Maeslantkering.

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