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Castle of the Dwarves

This LEGO set a dwarf castle. On the grounds, there is a chicken coop, a watch-post, a well, some hidden gold, and some trees. On the roof, there is a balcony that features a catapult and some firing crossbows. There is also a treasure chest with a sword and a scroll inside. There is a map nearby. On top of the roof of the balcony, there is an owl. If you lift off the balcony, it reveals the inside of the castle. There is a small table with some silver and gold on it. There is also a bigger table with a chicken on it to eat. In the corner, there is a lantern to light up the room. There is a barrel with tools including a pickaxe and a wrench. There is a small table in the corner with a pie on it. Right outside the door, there is a pathway made of stones. There is also an old wagon wheel leaning against the wall. This set includes seven minifigures, an owl, and a chicken.

I built this LEGO set because I have always liked the fantasy genre, and the dwarves were one of my favourite races. This is why I decided to build a dwarf castle. 

I think this would make a good LEGO set because many people like fantasy stories, so I think that a castle lego set would be a great addition to other sets.

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