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The Hydrant Strikes Back

For over two hundred years fire hydrants have endured the insult of passing canines constantly using them as marking posts. It would seem fitting, if a hydrant were capable of revenge, that one day the tables might be turned. Since with LEGO all things are possible, that day has dawned.

While researching fire hydrants for a LEGO project I came across a photo of a hydrant gushing water. Looking at the image it occurred to me that the LEGO bush would make an ideal representation of the spewing water. It seems that one LEGO project can often lead to another. I could not think of a better target for that burst of water than an unsuspecting dog.

LEGO Ideas has some mind-blowing submissions created by people with enormous talent but the target audience for the majority of the sets is one with pretty deep pockets. I believe there is a fairly broad market for some smaller, perhaps even frivolous sets. This set is certainly small and frivolous. It would make an entertaining conversation piece as well as a play set. When the Basset Hound is not fleeing from the hydrant he can go back to being a regular droopy hound to join a child's menagerie.

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