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Cindy Lou's House From the Grinch

I chose How the Grinch Stole Christmas because I really enjoy the movie and thought it would be a cool Lego set. l believe it would make a great addition to Lego because The Grinch is a favorite holiday film for many people.

This set comes with 4 minifigures that consist of The Grinch, Martha May, Cindy Lou, and Lou Who (Cindy's father) and Max the dog. The sets main builds are Cindy Lou's House, The Grinch's Sleigh, and Martha May's Christmas Light Cannon.

There are 3 main rooms to Cindy Lou's house. The first room is the living room filled with presents and decorations for the Grinch to steal. The second room is the kitchen with a refrigerator containing Who Pudding and The Who's Roast Beast. The last room is Cindy Lou's bedroom upstairs.

I really tired hard to duplicate Cindy Lou's house to match the 2000 Grinch movie. I hope you enjoy it!

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