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Search and Rescue Helicopter


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Need a rescue?

In my opinion, there is no aircraft that combines functional versatility and elegant appearance as smoothly as a helicopter. This project therefore represents an approach to creating a model that capures both of these characteristics - and thus offers playability as well as displayability.


  • Total parts: 1164
  • Dimensions: 51.4 x 12.0 x 15.6 cm (w/a rotors), 60.2 x 50.2 x 17.6 cm (total)
  • General functions: retractable landing gear, removable cockpit and cabin covers, hinged rear hatch, removable side doors (that may be attached to the helicopter in either open or closed position)
  • Cabin features: 2 stretchers, 2 seats, 3 life jackets + retainer, some minifigure equipment (first aid kit, axe)


  • All prints included (cockpit controls, danger signs, letterings etc.) were specificially designed for this helicopter; the main reason was to enhance realistic appearance and accuracy in comparison to real-life role models (the main influence being Agusta Westlands AW 101 "Merlin" helicopter).
  • In order to achieve the versatile character of which I spoke earlier, I designed the cabin to be variable. The features included represent my suggestion for equipment useful for Search and Rescue missions. If needs be, these features may be combined with own creative ideas of equipping the interior.
  • I would have loved to include a winch for the right-hand side door (dir. of motion) but since I built this digitally, there was no possibility for me to operate rope. For a Search and Rescue helicopter, however, a winch should be essential which is why an update concerning this item may follow (a similar matter being features like nets or coiled ropes which could have been equipped if built in real-life).

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