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Traditional Fishing Boat


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The traditional norwegian fishing boat is a sturdy vessel built of wood on a steel frame. This large model, 1127 bricks, is a homage to the toil of those who set out to brave the waves, in quiet and squall, with no catch or full nets, setting their faith in the everchanging sea. 

If you study the pictures you will see that the model is an attempt to imitate the boards of a kravellbuilt ship. It is designed to be easily removed from the stand, to turn over in your hands and admire the details, or perhaps split further and using the top part for play or in a maritime diorama. The bottom part does form a model in itself as well, looking like an open boat. The inboard Perkins engine will turn the propeller if you crank the flywheel. The rigging consists of a crane to lift the nets (the front mast) and a small, stabilising sail in the back. The cabin is full of details, containing all the paraphenelia that a captain might need, of course including a coffee mug. The model comes with two minifigures; our salty captain and his trusty deckhand. I've also included a picture I took some days ago of a real life version of these boats, this one a shrimp trawler.

The model is designed using Lego Digital Designer.


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