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The Angels Gardener.

Since 1952 lego has released a multitude of sets for many different professions. Soon 70 years of children and adults playing brick and still not the shadow of a real set representing the profession of landscaper / gardeners. Certainly there were little things ... a polybag with a ride-on mower, gardener's minifigures. That's good, but when is a landscaping set? The police officers are entitled to a collection per year same for the firefighters. He had several sets for the garbage collectors. But nothing for landscapers.
So here is the Angels Gardener set. 3 Over-equipped, overpowered landscaper capable of responding to all garden maintenance requests. Whether you are an individual, a company, a football club or even a golf course. Their equipment is complete and at the top of the quality. They mow, prune, plant, weed, hoe, dig and level. In short, they are capable of anything for your garden.

Their materials:

The wings truck: More than just a van. This large-format utility is fully equipped to reach the most inaccessible sites. A large skip with high sides in order to be able to load a large quantity of green waste and all the necessary material. Several storage spaces, a box in the dumpster, and other storage in the cabin. Cabin that can carry the driver and a passenger. Several tools are stored in the bin, the box or on the side of the bin. The side wall is removable and the bin is functional.
Piece count: 350p around.

The trailer: A homemade and tailor-made trailer specially for the Blue Devil (The mower of master Feng chui). It allows the team to embark the Blue Devil on all sites. It can be used to put green waste if the bin is full. The trailer has a storage compartment from which we can take out two hard hats to protect the skull during pruning. A toolbox is two competent walkie talkie equipping the trailer.
Piece count: around 150p.

The Blue Devil: Replica of an Iseki SXG (professional ride-on mower). The blue Devil is made to mow kilometers of grass in complete autonomy. Are bin is functional and can empty into the Wings Truck's dumpster just like a real mower would. The Blue Devil is only used on the largest construction sites: soccer field, golf course and public park. The Blue Devil is the exclusive machine of master Feng Chuis.
Piece count: around 200p.

The R8: Riding mower in a more humble format. It is no less a PRO tool. It is owned by Bob Ledude. Who uses it as well as a tool or as a means of locomotion. It even seems that he does urban races with it. This is not surprising when we know that he sacrificed the engine of his Audi R8 for this machine.
Piece count: 52p.

The ptite mulching: Self-propelled mower used on small patches of grass where mowing waste is not collected. This waste will feed the soil and promote lawn regrowth. Small and practical, it of almost all the inervention of mowing.
Piece count: 12p.

HRV: Heavier and more powerful than the ptite mulching. It has a bin to collect mowing waste and a larger mowing radius. It will be useful on all small sites where we will have to get rid of mowing waste.
Piece count: 23p.

The brush cutter: There are always places where even the smallest mower is too big. So for mowing finishes and these inaccessible places or steep slopes, there is the brush cutter. Use also with knife it will be able to mow all the small shrubs lightly afforested.
Piece count: 17p.

The hedge trimmer: For light pruning of toparies. To 'eat the hedge' per kilometer. The hedge trimmer is essential for all pruning operations.
Piece count: 8p.

In addition: a bin as well as some element of greenery and two spiders. Well yes the spider is the landscaper's best friend.

Total count of parts, around 850p.

The team:
Juan Esriko: The team leader ... especially the one who makes the link with the customer and the work in the field. He goes to customer appointments, manages the schedule and drives the Wings Truck. He uses all the tools and knows almost all the practices and plants in your gardens.

Master Feng Chui: The master of the Blue Devil. It is even said that he would have created it from scratch. Anyway, master feng chuis only descends from the Blue Devils on very rare occasions. It is even thought to be sleeping on it.

Bob Ledude: The youngest of the team. A very complete worker with a little extra for his mechanical skills. He knows how to fix everything with three faiths nothing (mac gyver can get dressed). Bob can do everything but his greatest pleasure is riding the R8 on golf greens.

If you like this set, i will make the angel's gardener logo to replace the 24/7 auto service stickers.

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