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This project came from a challenge made at Lego Ideas Test Lab to fast build a duck.

Concept here is to make a Donald Duck Mecha or Robot that will be able to fit an operator, like my previous Ma.K. build. And given that I have previously built one, assembling this one was fairly easy.

All in all its 100 bricks (including the mini figure pilot). Arms and legs are articulated. Head and torso open up so the pilot can enter the cockpit. Choose the large feet bionicle part so it would feel more like a battle bot. As with my previous builds I emphasize Simplicity and Playability.

This is my 22nd build, and hopefully more to come, if you like this model please do share and support this build through your friends and your social network.

Your opinions, suggestions and comments are most welcome.

Thank You and Happy Building :)

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Thank You for your support.  =)

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