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Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow


“This is Sky Captain. I’m on my way.”
-Joe “Sky Captain” Sullivan

This set is based on the wonderful film, Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow. The film centers on the adventures of intrepid reporter Polly Perkins and ace pilot Joe “Sky Captain” Sullivan as they fall in love, battle robots, and save the world from destruction. This movie has everything that would be perfect for a LEGO set: memorable characters, epic action, and really cool technology.

This set contains two builds: Sky Captain’s iconic plane, the h-11-od; and my personal favorite robot from the film. The plane is highly movie accurate, and contains the following features: printing; an opening cockpit that seats two minifigures; a bomb that can be launched from the bottom (for battling robots); a door on the bottom opens up to release a real working grappling hook; and propellers can be stuck to both sides (for traveling underwater). The robot is built with 100% real LEGO bricks, and contains 11 points of articulation (counting the rotation of the arms and all the leg joints). Its arms are made by slipping numerous cylinder pieces over a LEGO tube (the kind the boulder rolls down in Temple Escape).

Five minifigures are included: Commander Francesca “Franky” Cook, Polly Perkins, Joe “Sky Captain” Sullivan, Dex, and the mysterious woman.

Accessories include: Dex’s ray gun, Sky Captain’s gun, Sky Captain’s helmet, a comic book, a map, Franky’s underwater jet pack, a map, the vials “Adam” and “Eve”, the mysterious woman’s electric staff, and Polly’s beloved camera (with two shots left).

This set would bring the epic film Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow to LEGO and allow fans to own and play out their favorite parts of the movie as well as create their own “Sky Captain” stories. This set has been extremely fun for me to create, and I hope you enjoy it as well. If you want LEGO Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow to become a reality, please support, and leave a comment if you have the time. Thank you so much for reading!

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