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Mini Medieval Sets

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Being a great fan of the less conflict-oriented medieval sets, I created some small medieval sets, focussing on different aspects of medieval life: a sheepfold, a small barn and a tiny tavern. Given this size they should make an affordable toy.

Above you can see the first set of the series: a sheepfold. It not only has three brickbuild sheep, but also a shephers with sheep-shearing scissors (well, with some imagination that is). You can see the wool he already managed to shear off!

The second set features two farm-animals: a cow and a grey foal. And the farmer has a pitchfork to keep the hay to one side of the barn!

The tiny tavern has the basics a thirsty traveler needs. Behind her small table the hostess pours her guest some wine, naturally for a very decent price.

The odd one out is this meeting in the desert. I transported the classic wizard to a more middle-eastern outlook. He meets a desert warrior. Let's hope their meeting works out for the best, but that is up to the one playing with them!

As a bonus for those who scrolled all the way down, this is what you'll get if you put the four sets together:

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