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Majora's Mask - The Legend of Zelda

You've met with a terrible fate, haven't you?

The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask
In three days, the moon will fall and the land of Termina will meet with a terrible fate. Can you save it in time?

It is a Majora's Mask model in the same way as the recent busts line-up but fitting to the aesthetic of the The Legend of Zelda.

  • The set is made out of 2 builds: The glorious Mask itself, and a base with the Skull Kid minifigure.
  • The small tree trunk Skull Kid stands on freely turns 360°, and Skull Kid is more articulate than a LEGO Minifigure as he has a somewhat turnable waist and fully movable elbows; but in return he can't turn his wrists.
  • The backside of the mask is largely studless. Studs change direction in the middle. I wanted the backside to be completely smooth without any brickholes visible so if you were to pick it up or look at it from the side it'd feel finished all around.
  • Aside from a mask with the classic colors, I had the idea in mind of a Limited Special Edition with a Chrome Golden Majora's Mask. But due to copyright issues I can't show the original. It connects via an axle so it's compatible with Bionicle heads. Even the size is on point.
  • The eyes should be able to light up in the final product. A previous version I made had Power Functions but due to the potential battery waste and cost it would be easier (and way better for the environment) to just use electricity from the wall. So we'll have to figure out a way how to do that.
  • You might have noticed the model is quite a beauty, but there seem to be a few floating parts on bricks that don't have studs on them. Those are supposed to become printed bricks or stickers.

I really hope you like it. If you support it, it might actually end up on your desk; that would be awesome and great. Maybe a bit chaotic. You know what, just put it in your living room; it's a gorgeous model and guests are gonna love it anyway. I intentionally left out a nameplate as it would disrupt the design too much and wouldn't get the conversation going.

I believe Majora's Mask is a good introduction to LEGO Zelda for the Adults Welcome theme. Thanks to its bright colors and strange but heart like shape it'll stand out and attract more than just Zelda fans. Because of the game's darker tone the model probably wouldn't sit well in a playsets theme but would fit like a glove in Ideas.

Legal notices
  1. The model used for the small "Majora's Mask" mask is made by "WeeMadSausage", which you can find on MakerBot Thingiverse using this link:
  2. It uses the the following license: Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported (CC BY-SA 3.0). Link to license:
  3. "The Legend of Zelda" is trademarked by and property of Nintendo.
  4. "The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask" is trademarked by and property of Nintendo.

//Note for the Ideas team: Please share the project when Majora's Mask releases on Nintendo Switch Online on February 25th 2022.//

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