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The Chronicles of Narnia: Miraz's Castle - Council Chamber

DATE: 3-14-14
-New Project Guidelines/Rules-
Due to the new LEGO Cuusoo Project Guidelines and House Rules update, I’ve had to split my Narnia Project up. I have to make each set its own separate project.
My sets are all built from the movies (the new ones by Walt Disney Enterprises and Twentieth Century Entertainment). I really liked DagsBrick’s idea of taking it from the book. But I lack the vision to go and think of all the different sets.
Check out his/her projects HERE.
I have taken some inspiration from their project though. I’ve also gotten tips and ideas from Skywalker89. My favorite was the paneled glass door painted brown for the wardrobe door.
Check out his/her projects HERE there are several of them.
Almost all the characters would require new decorations or decals. Some of the Lord of the Rings/ the Hobbit Torsos could be used for Telmarines. And there’s some heads that are close, they’d just need to be made flesh colored. I’m learning GIMP (Image Editing Software like Paint, only better, or Photoshop, only not as good and free). After I get good at that I’ll try some designs. I have a three-ring binder full of around 130 hand drawn Minifigures that I started in 2007. I’ve also received some beautiful designs from Skywalker89. He/she seems to do an excellent job designing those. HUGE Thank-You Skywalker89!
Most of my sets are from Prince Caspian, but I’m moving into all of them gradually. They’re all built with LEGO Digital Designer (Available HERE), and I’ve gotten the Main Image rendered by Wipeoutzone. HUGE Thank-You Wipeoutzone!
Check out his/her projects HERE.
Please Comment. I Love Feedback! If you support me and tell me in the comments I’ll support at least one of your projects. Enjoy!
-The Set-
-----This is the Council Chamber as seen in Prince Caspian. I eventually want to design the whole castle, but who knows how long that will take. lol I've had the main image rendered by Wipeoutzone as stated above. This image just shows the front of the chamber. I have it divided into smaller parts that could be bought separately. There are nine parts, so far. I would like this way of building the large structures from movies better than just one set capturing the main scenes in the movie. I was very disappointed with the castle of Alumut from Prince of Persia. It was when I saw it that I thought of making small parts that are connectable to make bigger more detailed final products. It would be easier to buy then, instead of spending $400 all at once when it might make a bigger hole, you'd buy the set in sections with smaller payments. Please give input on this idea.-----

-The Throne-
-----This is the throne section of the model. It is movie accurate. The throne (in the movie) is a massive beautiful piece of work. I've tried to capture the elements of it in my model here. The whole chamber is full of small detail work that would be impossible to capture with even the smallest LEGO elements, maybe with stickers though. I've tried to get the big look of the glass windows, they're actually rectangular shaped which is why I put the 1 x 1's in either side to slim them down a bit.-----

-The Main Entry-
As seen in the movie, Trumpkin is brought in through the main entry (middle door) and general Glozelle enters silently from the main entrance (right-hand door). Miraz enters from the side doors pictured below. I've moved some chairs out of the way for this picture, but there are actually chairs on the left and right side of the frame.-----

-The "Back Door" Entrance-
-----This is the door Miraz enters through during the Council of the Telmarine Lords. I'm not positive This is exactly how the door frame architecture is in the Movie, but it's close. Other than that there's not much else to explain about this image.-----

-The Outside View-
-----This is what the Throne area looks like from the outside.-----

-The Last Word(s)-
-----Thank You for viewing my Project!-----

-----Please leave a comment in you support, I will check out your projects if I know you supported mine!-----

--Till next time!--

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