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Hexie - Scuttling Octopus

Built to scuttle along, Hexie loves to have fun. The concept here was to have a fun and interesting remote control creature. I wanted to build something that doesn’t move on wheels and does not clomp along. The build has been largely successful but simpler, lighter, faster scuttling motions are undoubtedly available. However, there is an endearing organicness, especially how Hexie turns. Here is a little video of Hexie wandering around on the carpet

A lot of the build is off square, making it a really interesting and unusual build. I have largely cobbled the pieces together from a few of my children’s sets including trains, diggers and a fairground ride. The aesthetics are just indicative, there’s plenty of room for improvement with access to a wider set of pieces to at the very least provide consistency and better characterisation. From a technical perspective I was short of hexagonal pieces/angles so there are some creative (and heavy) solutions in places that could be improved.

From a technical perspective weight is a problem for any moving model, the battery pack is the single heaviest element. The use of lightweight rechargeable batteries would make builds like this easier to engineer.

I’d love the chance to see how far this concept could be taken with the latest Lego tech.

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