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Waymo I-Pace

Self driving cars have been on the cusp for many years and their potential for good is enormous. No more distracted drivers, road rage or anything else that leads to crashes. Furthermore, the potential to improve the living conditions for the elderly & disabled is extremely encouraging.

Learning to drive SAFELY takes time, money and practice, years of it. Waymo has the only level 4 self driving cars and have an incredible record. The sensor kit can see much farther and better than an experienced person with perfect eyesight. Mobility means autonomy, empowerment, independence and self determination. Disabled or not, mobility is extremely important to everyone.

This would make a great Lego set because many people would love a self driving car, I'm sure more than half of us have at least once, searched for various "kits" for our own car.

This Waymo i-pace roof is removable, comes with a baby seat because every baby is a star baby. Room in the trunk for all your mini-figure cosplay costume needs. 

Scenery, destinations and passengers not included.

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