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Vacation Time


It's vacation time!

A gravel pathway leads you up to the door of the family's summer cabin, where a kerosene lantern welcomes you in.  On either side of the door are windows with beautiful flower boxes.  And at twilight, a little yellow frog begins to croak by the cabin.

Outside, the family is roasting marshmallows and hot dogs over a roaring fire!  Looks like Dad over-roasted his a little bit!

The Model:
Includes 4 minifigures: Dad, Mom, Son, and Daughter.
The inside of the cabin features a swiveling chair, fireplace, and mantel details.

Some of the unique building techniques include:
  • The campfire is built out of flintlock pistols
  • The ends of the logs on the cabin are made out of brown muffin pieces

Other info:
The model itself consists of exactly 250 pieces.  All the pieces in there respective colors are made by LEGO.  Thanks!

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