Product Idea

Ghostbusters Mech - For Modern Ghostbusting

The Lego Ideas Ghostbusters set can be just the beginning!

Bring the Ghostbusters team into the modern era! The Ghostbusters Mech features an industrial-sized proton-pack, proton torpedoes and the mechanical might to wade through rivers of ectoplasm! This set would expand the Ghostbusters story universe into a whole new realm of playability and imagination.


- The Mech's proton-pack is a detailed replica (in larger scale of course) of the packs used by the team in the original movies (see pictures).

- The Ghostbusters mini-figs fit in the cockpit while still wearing their own sizeable proton packs.

- Proton gun is held firmly in the Mech's hand by technic pins, easily removable and hangs on the proton pack in back.

- Mech is fully posable, balanced, with articulated waist.

- Prototype has been built both with real bricks and in LDD to ensure that it is easy to build and has great structural strength.