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Over the Garden Wall: Frogland Ferry


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Wirt, Greg, Beatrice, and Greg's Frog are on a ship manned by frogs!

Welcome to the world of “Over the Garden Wall”, a miniseries in which we are going to immerse ourselves in the story of two brothers who find themselves in “the unknown”.

I recreated this ship since in my opinion it is the most iconic and most beautiful construction, so it would be a good option to represent the miniseries.
The build is based on the sixth chapter of the miniseries, where there is a quite picturesque and decorated ship, with an orchestra that will accompany us on our journey through the unknown. 

The minifigures we find are: Wirt (holding a bird called Beatrice) Craig (holding his frog), 3 orchestral frogs and 5 passengers frogs.

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