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Thranta-Class Cruiser

The Thranta-Class Corvette was the main all rounder warship of the (Old) Republic navy. It was produced in large numbers to replace the ageing Hammerhead-Class. The Thranta-Class Corvette was relatively smaller than the Hammerhead, but carried around about the same number of personnel, However, it was even smaller in size compared to the gargantuan Valor-Class battle cruisers of the Cold War and Galactic Civil War.

Prior to the events of the Great Galactic War, the Thranta-Class corvettes acted as peacekeeping vessels in several sectors of Republic space, dealing with disputes and unruly pirate forces that were posing as threats. Thranta-class ships fought in many battles during the Great War, including the battle to end the Mandalorian blockade of the Hydian Way.

The Thranta-Class carried two main heavy dual turbolasers mounted in the forward position similar to that of the Hammerhead-class cruiser, it also held numerous lasercannons and missile launchers throughout its hull, making it a very capable destroyer too.

The aft section of the Thranta-Class housed 2 hanger bays that could hold up to 24 Liberator-Class Republic starfighters.

These battleships carried entire battalions of republic troops, as well as teams of Jedi Knights if so required. Also the Thranta-Class contained boarding pods that could be used to punch through the hulls of enemy vessels.

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