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Compact Forklift - Palfinger BM12

The Compact Forklift, BM12, from Palfinger is a power functonal technic build with a 3-split gearbox and an articulated steering. The gearbox serve the mast movement from 0° to 90° position, the fork vertical movement, and the articulated steering. Steering could eiter be operated from the gearbox or by the HOG wheel on the top of the body. 

In the compact mode is the mast and fork flush to the front structure. The mast will be the first to raise via the two linear actuators, then unfold the forks and manually secure them with the locking pins, finally vertical lifting can be performed via gear racks and string with studs for the top position. The vertical lifting is focusing on high torque rather than speed. Functions are tested and fine tuned to come up with the best balance between torque and speed.

There is a front- respectively a rear structure, with the articulated steering perfect centered between the front- and the rear wheel axis. The front structure attach the mast and fork structure, the linear actuators and a 4-step gear down used for the fork's vertical movement. The rear structure comprises the 3-split gearbox, HOG steering, M motor, battery and start cover. The battery are easily accessed behind the aft panels for some rapid battery change.

Physics in compact mode:
Length 42 cm (16.5 in.)
Width 35 cm (13.7 in.)
Height 12 cm (4.7 in.)
Weight ~1300 g (47 oz.)
Brick count 1400

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