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The Golden Throne


The Golden Throne

It is what every man and woman on earth seeks! The golden throne! Every king, queen, or regular minifig dreams to having this wonderful marvel.

The golden throne is the most audacious and most expensive of all the commercially available thrones in bricksburg that only lego batman can prolly afford it (or rather is willing to pay for it - i don’t think even regular batman would want it, he’s not as
eccentric as lego batman.)

Why settle for other thrones made from other materials if you can have one in solid gold?

Structure and Construction

There is a staircase that leads to the throne room and is adorned with gold tiles and pillars so you feel the grandeur of the area. There are also blue sapphire gems  so you can feel the luxury!

The throne and water tank itself is made from high grade porcelain. But what makes it the envy of all is that the seat, flushing mechanism, and seat cover are made from solid pearl gold bricks!

For your convenience there is a stainless steel rack to hold toilet rolls and a barrel of gold and located in the throne room as well.

I would have made the entire toilet in gold, but lego does not produce those parts - yet.

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