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Permanent Planetary Station

What is it?
It is a base build in two 32x24 baseplates with specialized modules, crane, vehicles, flyer, and robot.
The base is composed of four modules:

Vehicle Hangar - Houses a cargo transport and has a garage equipped with tools ramp for repairs, it's also used for the exploration rover. Includes a cargo lifter robot. Also has a large crane outside.

Habitation quarters - Consists of beds, kitchen and rest installations. It also has a large communications dish at the front and the landing pad for the hover ship.

Command center - Located above the garage, used for communications, has a large spoked antenna used as lighting rod to absorb electric energy. Also has a rocket launching section.

Lab module - Are the installations upstairs the Habitation quarters. It's a science facility with laboratory equipment. Has a balcony, a wind turbine, and a solar panel.
Why did you build it?
Classic Space still has a lot of potential for sets.
Why do you believe this would make a great LEGO set?
The features guarantee hours of entertainment for not only classic space fans, but also for the new generations.

UPDATE August 2021
Crater Plate Version.
  • Changed the size of the baseplates adding more space to include a custom hill with craters.
  • Change the color of the baseplates to Tan color as sand and choose Brown color for rocks.
  • Added a Meteor Crab alien creature.
  • Changed the front of the Cargo Transport from Blue to Light Bluish Gray.
  • Added 7 more images including two for the repair robotic features inside the garage.

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