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351 Riverside Drive (June's House_ White Collar)


The Original White Marbel Massion built by Architect Morris Schinasi back in 1909 on 351 Riverside Drive is one of the Last remaining Freestanding Massion in New York City. 

Many know the building from the TV Series "White Collar" as June's House, and the place Neil Caffrey rents June's spare Room, a beautiful Loft apartment with Rooftoptares, located with in Neil's 2Mile radius and for just 700$. 


Construction Detail


-32x32 Base

-Measurements 24L x 22W x 24Bricks High

- 3 Floors, all removable

-Removable Cealing over Neils Bedroom

-Movable Cealing over the Loft

-Sliding Door to the Patio

-accessible Bathroom under the Staircase

-All original Lego Pieces

-2808 Pieces 


Look for these Characters and Features


-Neil Caffrey



-FBI Agent Peter Burke


-"Lions" grading entrance 

-Fountain with Statue

-Owl watching over NYC

-Forged Statue and Hammer as featured in one Episode

-Easel, brush and paint

-"The Musicbox"

-Neil’s Hat

-2 Bathrooms

-2 Fireplaces


-Dining room

-a number of fitting Furniture Items


I Hope you enjoyed the Mansion as much as I did, if theirs Ideas to add originating in the Series or tips for improvement please Comment away! 



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