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The Forest Village

The Forest Village 

The boy had heard stories of a village hidden in the forest. Of course, nobody had left the valley in such a long time that he wasn’t sure if the village was still there, and if it were, whether or not any inhabitants remained. 
Though there it was, marked on the map as clear as day -  “The Forest Village”.
So he carried on through the forest, glancing back and forth between the weathered old map and the barely visible trail that weaved through the tangle of old trees and thick roots. 
Eventually, the forest opened up and he came across a clearing in which stood many buildings of various shapes and sizes. The break in the trees allowed the sunlight to flood the forest floor, illuminating the village in a soft yellow glow.
It was peaceful and warm. A symphony of bird songs floated on the soft breeze. The boy was sure he could hear something else amongst the bird calls, some sweet and soft melody. He followed the sound and came across a cluster of three buildings; a house, a kind of old watchtower, and a slightly worse-for-wear-looking house on stilts. Upon closer inspection, it appeared like the houses themselves had roots of their own that ran deep into the earth and in many cases, the rock, brick, and root had become so infused that it was near impossible to tell where nature ended and building began. He walked a little further and spotted the source of the other sound. Standing outside one of the houses was a woman playing a flute. The boy stopped to watch and listen, he was unsure if she was accompanying the birds or the other way about, but the result was magical. He could also now hear the small gentle splashes of the frogs below the stilts jumping in and out of the river, he could hear the soft scurrying of squirrels all about him, and he was sure the soft purr of a cat also.
He looked up and saw there was a man standing in front of the raised house with a fishing rod in his hand. He was fishing directly into the water below him and he looked down at the boy and smiled. Without knowing when it had happened the boy realised he was now surrounded by people, the village was alive. The woman who had been playing the flute had stopped and was walking towards him smiling.
“Hello young man, welcome to the Forest Village…” 

Hello all!
Introducing ‘The Forest Village’, the next set in The Mountain Windmill series. I hope you like it, if you do please support and share. What are your thoughts on the set? Feel free to let me know in the comments. Peace and happy building to all! 

  • 6 Villagers 
  • Boy Adventurer 
  • Animals (squirrels, fish, frogs, birds, and a cat)

Play Features: 
  • 3 open-back & fully-furnished buildings 
  • Roofs lift up for easy access
  • Chimney swings out for ease of access 
  • Eat a hearty meal with village friends at the top of the central tower 
  • Roast some fish in the fisherman's house 
  • Practice the flute in the flutists' house, maybe also a spot of archery 
  • Gather food and store it in the secret store in the mountain 
  • Play your own adventure of village life
  • And much more!

Stay tuned for the next set in the Mountain Windmill series! 

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